Flexible cutting plates

Cutting plate (or punches) is designed for die-cutting and label cutting, production punching, the processing of cardboard, etc.

Plates can handle all types of papers, films (including double-layer films), paper and film laminates. Depending on the type of material and the size of the circulation, it is possible to manufacture two types of plates:

– universal;
– increased run resistance (cutting edges of the tool are subjected to special laser hardening).

We use cutting plates from leading German manufacturers “Kocher+beck” and “Wink”. They are made of high-quality materials with the use of the most modern computer technologies that guarantees the highest circulation resistance and provides a high level of quality of products.

Today at our disposal more than 500 copies of flexible cutting plates of various configurations and sizes. Their samples can be found in the catalog, which is presented below.

By contacting us, you can get detailed information about the full range of die cutings, as well as discuss the design of cutting plates on an individual order.

delivery Time of plates with standard label form is 6-7 working days.


Rectangular die cut

Round die cut

Oval die cut

Oval die cut

Non-Standard die cut

Set: label + back label