Vacancies of Green Trade Company

Welcome, dear applicant!

Our company is developing dynamically, we are actively expanding departments and divisions, we invite experts in our field.

We value people who:

  • know how to work in a team;
  • Responsibly approach any task;
  • achieve their goals;
  • work quickly and efficiently;
  • Positive in any situation.

Ready? Then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of current vacancies and send your resume to

Have you successfully completed an interview and invited to start a collaboration? Fine! The first period of work – this is the entry into the post and probation (from one to three months – depending on the position).

During this period, the company is ready to invest time and resources in your adaptation and training.

The unspoken principle of our team: “Answer the question and help the newcomer to understand if there are difficulties.” We understand that everyone once started with a “0” and did not know something.

The first year is the period of your adaptation and becoming.

The second year is the time when the company expects returns and practical benefits from you.

The third year and beyond is the opportunity for professional and career growth.

The quality of your work, initiative and creative campaign will help you to go through the period of formation in a shorter period.


Current vacancies in the Green Trade company


If you have not found a suitable job in the list of currently open, send a resume indicating the desired position. We will keep it and we will contact you when a suitable vacancy appears.

We guarantee the confidentiality of the data you send.