дизайн этикетки “Arconvert”, Manter (Spain) – founded in 1944, the company today is a world-famous material for self-adhesive labels. The range of the company uses materials from paper and film, which are widely used in the label industry. The MANTER brand is used by ARCONVERT S.p.A. in Italy, and the company Arconvert Lda. in Brazil.
 дизайн этикетки “Avery Dennison” (Netherland) is the world leader in the production of self-adhesive materials of the widest range of applications supplied to 89 countries of the world. The corporation unites more than 500 companies with 275 factories and trade enterprises, which employ more than 20,300 employees worldwide. Avery Denisson’s annual sales are more than 4.8 billion US dollars.
дизайн этикетки “ELO” (Ukraine) is a trading company founded in 1992. The leading supplier to the Ukrainian market of the widest range of polymer films, plastic packaging and packaging materials, office paper, stationery and office supplies from various manufacturers.

“ELO” is the official distributor of such companies as Troitsk Paper Factory (Russia), RKW (Sweden), EcoLean (Sweden), Biaxplen (Russia), Stora Enso (Finland).

печать этикеток киев “Flexor” (Poland) is a leading European manufacturer of flexographic printing equipment. German quality combined with Polish craftsmanship allows the company to create flexographic printing machines that significantly speed up production processes, save time and materials. The company is constantly evolving and regularly applies new technological solutions in their flexo printing machines.
печать этикеток киев “GEW” (UK) develops and manufactures LED UV systems for printing, coating and converting. The company has become a world leader in the production of UV systems.

The main feature of GEW equipment is its durability – the company ensures that the GEW UV system will work effectively throughout the life of the printing machine. Wasberger (Denmark) is a well-known service company in the flexographic industry and the delivery of modern equipment and flexographic printing materials from leading European manufacturers.

 печать этикеток киев “IPS” (Ukraine) is a company specializing in the import and distribution of products for the printing industry (paints, inks, chemicals, equipment and related materials). It is the exclusive distributor in Ukraine of Sericol (UK), which is engaged in the production of paints, varnishes and chemicals for the screen printing industry, as well as inks for narrow web flexo printing.
печать этикеток киев ITRACO (Germany) is a company that offers a wide range of equipment and materials for the manufacture of printing and packaging products. Today, the company has 6 subsidiary companies with logistics centers, more than 20 regional representative offices with warehouses, more than 60 partner manufacturers of materials and equipment, a team of professional professionals.
печать этикеток киев Newfoil (UK) – the company founded in 1982 and today is one of the world leaders in the production of equipment for hot stamping and postprinting labels. The company’s equipment has successfully established itself in more than 1,500 printing companies in 90 countries of the world.
печать этикеток киев Nilpeter (Denmark) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of printing equipment and components. The production facilities of the company are located both in Europe and in the USA, and its branches represented in 65 countries of the world.

The company has almost a century of engineering and technical experience, which allows implementing the most comprehensive printing solutions.

дизайн этикетки заказать “Ricoh” (France) produces thermal board and thermal paper for the label industry, and has offices in more than 200 countries around the world.

Ricoh also specializes in the manufacture of multifunctional devices.

дизайн этикетки заказать Ritrama (Italy) is a transnational company that manufactures, sells and distributes products and special self-adhesive materials. A wide range of products from “RITRAMA” meets the highest requirements of customers. In the company’s assortment: materials for advertising, materials for flexographic printing (including products for labels) and industrial materials. This is the first company in Europe that has switched to water-based adhesives, as well as the first company producing self-adhesive polyethylene film as an alternative to polyvinyl chloride.


дизайн этикетки заказать Orthotec (Taiwan) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of printing machines with more than 40 years of history. Today, the company has more than 20 official distribution and service centers around the world, more than 30 patents both in Taiwan and abroad, as well as a huge range of equipment for printing modern labels.
дизайн этикетки заказать Sandon Global (UK) is one of the leading manufacturers of anilox rolls, sleeves and plate cylinders. Since 2004, the company has reached unprecedented heights of success, has opened its own design department, as well as a laser workshop. The unique design of the organization of cells for anilox rolls, developed by Sandon Global, has received international recognition. The company regularly conducts specialized research in this area, constantly improving the engraving of anilox rolls.
дизайн этикетки заказать Spilker GmbH (Germany) – the company was founded in 1963.

It is one of the leading suppliers of rotating cutting tools and flexible dies for the printing and label industry. The quality and accuracy of more than fifty years.

The company manufactures special equipment for various industries and allows you to implement the most creative ideas when printing labels. Innovative cutting, printing and embossing of self-adhesive labels – all this is possible thanks to the equipment from Spilker.

дизайн этикетки заказать TOYO INK EUROPE (Belgium) is one of the most innovative printing inks companies from Belgium and central Europe. TOYO INK Europe is a subsidiary of TOYO INK GROUP, one of the largest and undisputed leaders in the field of printing inks and chemistry in the world.

Over the years, TOYO has gained a praiseworthy position in the industry, having a modern production facility and a research center in Belgium on UV paints and varnishes.

It occupies a leading position in providing a complete solution for safe food packaging with a wide range of low-migration inks that meet all regulatory requirements.

 дизайн этикетки заказать UPM Raflatac (Finland) is a leading global supplier of self-adhesive materials and a major manufacturer of self-adhesive RFID tags of the Gen2 standard.

The company is the largest developer and integrator of labels, information from which can be read electronically.