Beer Label Printing for Cans and Bottles

Craft beer is not just a common malt beverage. It is a special culture and a drive. This amazing drink plays a role as a social lubricant. Bold, colorful, and informal beer labels invite you to join the celebration of life, to have a fun and tasty time.

Craft beer labels in Ukraine

Craft beer manufacturing is gaining momentum in Ukraine. Unlike large breweries, craft breweries can more easily adapt to changing market conditions and consumer tastes. They are capable of making experiments with beer, improving recipes, suggesting new varieties of beer as well as giving up an unprofitable product quickly.

The range of craft beer is constantly expanding and renewing. Local craft beer breweries enter the Ukrainian market. Accordingly, there is an urgent need for attractive and high-quality beer packaging.

The Green Trade Company invites craft breweries and distributors of craft beer for cooperation. We can offer self-adhesive label printing on aluminum cans and bottles of beer.

beer self-adhesive labels

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Flexographic label printing for beer cans and bottles

A self-adhesive label is a more cost-effective option and an efficient way to label bottles and cans of beer. Such a label has the following advantages:

Cost-effectiveness. The price of a self-adhesive label is significantly lower than the cost of direct printing on the can surface. In addition, label printing for beer can avoid the costs of excess production, storage, and disposal of aluminum containers with outdated labeling. After all, it is much easier and cheaper to renew labels than to solve the problem with the utilization of unclaimed containers.

Functionality. Self-adhesive labels are an excellent means of labeling and artistic design of the packaging. We provide flexographic label printing with high, clean, exact image quality and excellent use properties.

flexographic label printing

Aesthetics. Flexography printing on self-adhesive materials allows you to implement any design solutions of various complexity and to get bright and expressive labels that cause consumer excitement.

Label texture. You probably all agree that a labeled can is much more pleasant to touch than an aluminum can is. Flexography printing by using different kinds of finishing can definitely enrich beer labels. Such finishing processes as varnishing, cold or hot foil printing, screen printing, embossing, etc., can produce tactile effects, give the surface more visual appeal and make the label relief unique.

Flexography beer labels printing

Custom Self-Adhesive Label Printing for Beer in Kyiv

The Green Trade Company is experienced in custom label printing for the beer bottle and can labels. For example, when making a beer label for the Volynsky Brovar craft beer, we used selective varnishing with a sand effect on white polypropylene in printing. This solution greatly complemented the label design, made the label surface less slippery, and most pleasant to the touch.

As a consequence, we printed and got beautiful, trendy, and high-quality labels for the Volynsky Brovar canned beer. The customer was satisfied with the final result as well as the cooperation with a team of professionals.

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