Combination of embossing and hot foil stamping

The technologies of combining effects make it possible to manufacture beautiful labels with attractive visual and tactile properties. One egregious example is the combination of a double-sided relief on the label obtained by embossing with a metalized coating provided by the hot foil stamping technology.

Hot foil stamping and embossing can be used separately on the labels, or they can be combined enhancing the visual-tactile impression. At the same time, the foil-embossed image on the label acquires volume and becomes the compositional center of the design. The label gets a more respectable and considerable appearance. This design of labels is typical for premium segment products.

The combination of embossing and hot foil stamping is frequently used for wine label manufacturing. This technology enables excellent results on wine papers and self-adhesive design materials. The embossing preserves visual volume over large spaces. In such cases, combination embossing is a good option.

Combining effects such as embossing and hot foil stamping is an excellent solution for printing wine labels, labels for high-quality coffee, tea, and expensive cheeses. See more…

Конгрев и горячее тиснение этикетка для вина


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