Combined Effects in Label Printing: Cold Foil Stamping and Structural Varnishing

The combination of printing effects greatly improves the appearance of label products. Cold foil stamping and structural varnishes used in label printing significantly enhance the aesthetic impact of a label and give the surface a unique tactile effect.

Cold Foil Stamping on Self-Adhesive Labels

Cold Foil Stamping on Self-Adhesive Labels

Cold foil stamping on a label is achieved through the use of the UV-polymerization of special glue applied to the label material. This surface finishing method does not use high temperatures. The cold foil stamping is applied to a wide range of self-adhesive materials including polymeric (plastic) films.

Gold or silver cold foil stamping looks impressive, elegant, and respectable, especially when the stamping is made on paper, polyethylene, and polypropylene films. Such a label design visually transforms products into a more expensive, high-quality segment, and gives a positive impression on the customers.

Structural Varnishing

Structural Varnishing in the Labels Manufacturing

Structural varnishing gives the label a matt surface and original texture, reduces sliding properties, and, in general, increases the level of label products. Combining cold foil stamping and structural varnishing, it is possible to present an existing label design in a completely new way, to highlight its advantages, to extract a number of specific elements, and to make it completely exclusive at a reasonable level of spending.

prices on labels manufacturing

Cold Foil Stamping & Structural Varnishing: Label Price

The Green Trade Company offers customers the flexography printing services of self-adhesive labels by using various printing options including cold foil stamping and structural varnishing. The prices for self-adhesive labels depend on many factors such as a choice of the materials, technologies used, size, and runs of labels. Contact us by phone listed in the Contacts or by filling out the feedback form at our website to find out more information about prices on labels manufacturing and to order labels printing. Here are our contacts.