Drip-off effect on self-adhesive labels

Drip-off technology is the interaction of two varnishes – matte and glossy, on the label surface. Such technology provides an interesting matte-glossy effect with unique texture-relief properties.

The drip-off varnish significantly improves the appearance of labels and creates a pleasant-tactile texture on the surface. Self-adhesive labels with drip-off effects look presentable and much relevant. Besides, they are more practical: goods with such labels do not slip in the hands, and finger’ stains, moisture, or fat are hardly invisible to them.

Drip-off technology

This method of printing finishing is suitable for a wide range of label products. The drip-off effect on labels is well appropriate for the following goods:

  • Self-adhesive labels for wine, drinks, and alcoholic beverages;
  • Labels for sausages, and other meat delicacies;
  • Labels for dairy products;
  • Self-adhesive labels for household chemicals; perfume and cosmetics products;
  • Labels for auto chemical goods as well as goods for home, repair, and construction.

An essential advantage of the technology is that varnishes are applied in a line, i.e. correctly, accurately, and quickly. The drip-off varnish is a worthy and profitable substitute for post-processing by using stencil varnish. It can be used in combination with other printing effects. Drip-off varnish combines well with sand touch, and matt varnishes.

drip-off varnish

Drip-off technology is a great option to print self-adhesive labels of an optimal balance of aesthetic and profitable features. Ordering labels with the drip-off effect at Green Trade Company, you will get a guaranteed quality result!