Flexographic Label Printing for Dietary Supplements, Vitamins, and Antiseptics

It’s an open secret that beautiful labels grab customer’s attention and boost sales. The Green Trade Company offers you self-adhesive label printing services for vitamins, antiseptics, and dietary supplements.

self-adhesive label printing services for vitamins

In the Green Trade Company, you can custom labels of various types, such as:

  • Single front labels. This is the convenient, functional, and most common way of labeling.
  • Label & counter labels. This is a type of label where the front label carries a main visual sense while the back label provides the necessary information.
  • Fold-out labels. This is a multi-page and extended type of label that provides quick and easy access to a large amount of information or manuals and is used instead of the box and separate leaflets.
  • Double-sided labels. Such labels can be designed in two types. Partially removable double-sided labels are usually glued to opaque packages. They contain additional information on the backside. Self-adhesive double-sided permanent adhesive labels can be used on transparent bottles or vials of antiseptics.

self-adhesive label for dietary supplements

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Labels also differ in their shape. In addition to standard rectangular or oval ones, we can design special labels with internal die-cutting shapes. Such labels attract customer’s attention to the company’s product and promote its recognition.

The use of printing effects increases the aesthetic and presentable appearance of labels as well as gives them additional protective and tactile properties. You can check out in detail the texture of the label surface of our products from our profile. Certainly, we can offer lots of other solutions. Our experts can suggest to you the best possible option in order to obtain labels of premium quality and luxury appearance.

Flexographic Label Printing for Antiseptics

Printing and Flexographic Label Printing at the Green Trade Company (Kyiv)

Are you interested in making your labels look catchier and more luxurious? Our company has all the necessary resources and the modern equipment at our disposal to print the best self-adhesive labels. So, don’t hesitate and order labels for dietary supplements, antiseptics, and vitamins at the Green Trade Company right now!