Manufacturing of self-adhesive labels of sandy-touch texture

Manufacturing of self-adhesive labels of sandy-touch texture

What is meant “the sand touch” on the labels? What are its advantages? The photos of labels. Where can you order the manufacturing of self-adhesive labels of sandy-touch texture? The self-adhesive labels printing in Kyiv, Ukraine. Fast manufacturing and a guaranteed quality result.

Flexography of self-adhesive labels of sandy-touch texture

How can we create a sufficiently attractive, interesting, unusual, and memorable label? We offer a great solution: printing self-adhesive labels by using the sand touch.

Such an effect is achieved by varnishing using special structural varnishes during flexographic printing. In a process, the surface of the label becomes of a matte as well as a rough texture to touch resembling sand. The sand touch is not a post-printing treatment. It is performed by applying a single varnish in a line.

The major feature of varnish is such a specification as slipping. There are varnishes that increase a slip surface and varnishes with anti-slip properties. The presence of finely dispersed additives in varnishes with a sand touch provides a low slip ratio.

Varnish can be applied over the entire surface of the label or varnish a label selectively. The sand touch, as you see through this photo, makes it matte and reduces the color. Using this feature, you can visually bring to the fore the glossy areas of the image giving labels expressiveness and emphasizing separate design elements.

Manufacturing of self-adhesive labels of sandy-touch texture

The use of the sand touch enables you to get labels of a unique appearance, unusual texture, and great usage properties. The sand touch varnishing on the labels generates the tactile sensation of customers, encourages the desire to touch, and thereby contributes to increasing interest in products.

You can manufacture labels of sandy-touch texture for various product groups, such as:

  • Labels for sausages, cookies, spices, pasta, sugar, and other products;
  • Self-adhesive labels for drinks and yogurts;
  • Labels for cosmetic, facial and body care products;
  • Self-adhesive labels for household cleaning products;
  • Labels for construction and repair products;
  • Advertising and informational labels and stickers.

Manufacturing of self-adhesive labels of sandy-touch texture

For more detailed information as to the price for manufacturing of the self-adhesive labels of sandy-touch texture, terms of order realization, etc., contact us by phone or by email listed in the Contacts section. We’ll reply to you as soon as possible. Any orders you’ve made will be processed efficiently and promptly.