Printing onto Self-Adhesive Double-Sided Labels

Printing onto self-adhesive double-sided labels provides you to increase the usable space of ​​the label, to place more information on it, and to implement original design solutions.

Self-adhesive double-sided labels are more interesting and functional options for product design and labeling. Such stickers save space on the packaging and avoid the need for re-manufacture of the back labels and leaflet-inserts.

One side of such a label may convey printed messages about the content and the energy value of the products, instruction manual, recipes, storage options, certification data, expanded product details, information about the manufacturer, and other useful and interesting information for the buyer.

In turn, the second side of the label is freed from unnecessary meaningfulness and used for decorative/ornamental purposes.

There are two options for double-sided labels:

  1. Labels that are fully adhered to the surface. They are not intended for peeling off. They are used on transparent packaging or bottles. They are adhered to in such a way that the printing onto the self-adhesive sticker is clearly visible to the consumer.
  2. Removable labels, valve-labels which can be partially peeled off from the surface of the package to read the information, and then adhered back to. This option doesn’t require the transparency of the packaging.


self-adhesive double-sided labels

The self-adhesive double-sided labels are an excellent decision for:

  • Food: cereals, pasta, sauces, vegetable oil, seafood, frozen semi-manufactured goods;
  • Jam, honey, pickles, dried fruits;
  • Soft drinks: mineral water, tonics, juices;
  • Alcoholic beverages: vodka, gin, liqueurs;
  • Beauty and health items: decorative and medical cosmetics, shampoos, shower gels, liquid soaps, oils, and other body care products;
  • Dietary supplements and sports food;
  • Medications;
  • All feed and vitamins for animals;
  • Garden products: seeds, fertilizers, insecticides, plant growth stimulators.

Printing onto self-adhesive double-sided labels in Kyiv

Green Trade Company offers the design and printing of self-adhesive double-sided labels. Please feel free to call us for more details as to the price, and terms & conditions of labels manufacturing. We are open to cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign companies. We complete orders on time guaranteeing the best quality and result.

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