Self-Adhesive Cold Foil Stamped Labels for Cosmetics

Cosmetics label design and printing is one of the latest projects of the Green Trade Company. Amazing and vibrant labels shimmering with deep shades of color and metallic effect make the product innovative, spectacular, and trendy. We use such a printing technology as cold foil stamping, a modern method of printing metallic foil on a substrate, in order to enhance the aesthetic of the final label.

Cold Foil Stamping: Technology Features

Labels for cosmetics manufactured by the Green Trade Company are featured for their excellent appearance, high quality, and great performance. They are beautiful, wear-resistant, and durable in use. Self-adhesive cold foil stamped labels we manufacture is an excellent result of the skillful and talented craftspeople which is also provided by the company’s manufacturing capabilities.

самоклеящиеся этикетки для косметики

The technology can be used across a broad spectrum of self-adhesive materials including polymer films which are often used for label manufacturing for cosmetics. This is one of the main applications of cold foil stamping. The cold foil stamped labels are resistant to water, vapor, fats, and chemical compounds that can get onto the label during the use of a cosmetic product.

Cold Foil Stamping and Its Use

Self-adhesive cold foil stamped labels is a great printing label option for cosmetic and personal care products.

Please, contact the Green Trade Company to order labels for the following cosmetic and personal care products:

  • Labels for hand, face, and body cream;
  • Self-adhesive labels for cosmetics: powder, lipstick, mascara, and nail polish;
  • Labels for shampoo, liquid soap, foaming bath liquid, bath salt, shower gel, scrubs, balms, and hair dyes.