Self-adhesive double-sided labels

Double-sided labels are one of the high-impact solutions for product labeling. They are very compact and yet allow you to design the packaging beautifully on one side and to place all relevant information for the consumer on the other side.

self-adhesive double-sided labels

Self-adhesive double-sided labels are an ideal option for small products or packaging, as well as for goods that require an instruction manual or have a long list of ingredients, etc.

Double-sided labels completely replace package leaflets/inserts for boxes, and at the same time look much more appealing and modern. In contrast to the leaflets/inserts, the self-adhesive double-sided label is much more convenient and practical. Such a label will never get lost and always be readily accessible since it has adhered to the package.

self-adhesive double-sided labels

Double-sided labels are used for labeling food and non-food products, including:

  • Food products
  • Semi-finished products
  • Frozen food
  • Cosmetics
  • Medicines
  • Food additives (dietary supplements)
  • Sports nutrition
  • Toys
  • Goods for creativity
  • Household chemicals
  • Phytopreparations (fertilizers, insecticides)
  • Construction materials

and many other goods & products.

The specific peculiarity of self-adhesive double-sided labels lies in printing on the reverse side of the label, carried out along the adhesive layer, which withstands numerous peeling on/off of the label. Such labels must also ensure the maintaining the absolute quality of the printed image when peeling off the label and do not imprint on the package in any way.

self-adhesive double-sided labels

The Green Trade Company guarantees the high quality of its products, thanks to:

  • The use of genuine materials from leading European manufacturers;
  • The unique technological processes implemented in production;
  • The professionalism of the staff, their background, and commitment to work.

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