Self-Adhesive Laminated labels

Printing lamination enhances the performance and protective properties of labels, providing many advantages to the user, such as being tear-resistant, more durable, water-resistant, and surface abrasion resistance.

This process of applying a thin layer of plastic to paper to enhance and protect the printed matter is used for labels that are intended for marking containers used in extreme or close to its conditions. For example, laminated labels are an excellent solution for bottles of water, containers of household chemicals, fats, oils, and auto chemistry.

Self-Adhesive Laminated labels

Laminated self-adhesive label printing

Lamination printing is the process of applying a thin waterproof film to the front surface of the finished labels.

Lamination protects labels from getting wet, exposure to chemicals, scratches, scuffs, paint shedding from the surface and effectively preserves the original appearance of labels during intensive use and transportation.

зSelf-Adhesive Laminated labels

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