Silk Foil Labels

Silk foil technology is a method of refining printed products that allow us to get a metalized shine image as well as the relief of varying intensity on the label. Silk Foil can convey all kinds of artistic effects starting with the bright shine of gold up to the subtle shimmer of frost.

Using Silk Foil technology, you can get high-quality labels of beautiful appearance and texture. Silk Foil printing looks very attractive on labels for wine and other strong alcoholic beverages including labels for perfume and cosmetics.

Technically, Silk Foil is carried out by a screen varnish printing using special foil stamped on it. The technology provides a beautiful shine, tactile effect, and high image quality allowing you to create both small and large elements of the image including thin lines, strokes, and points.

Another advantage of Silk Foil technology is the ability to create a relief image on an expanded range of materials including wine papers and polymer films.

Silk Foil

Silk foil labels printing & price

Silk Foil technology does not require expensive cliché manufacturing which favorably affects the cost of the order. See more.

The Green Trade Company offers self-adhesive label printing using Silk Foil technology for your products. We warrant the high quality of printing and speed of the order fulfillment. You can order Silk Foil labels by contacting us by email or the phones listed in the Contacts.