Valve labels for the closing of granulated products (items) packaging

Self-adhesive valve label is a convenient, functional, and reliable packet clasp for bags with granulated contents, the principle of is “peel off and stick”. The clasp in the form of an adhesive valve is good for packaging a wide range of non-food items and food products such as bags with cereals, sugar, coffee, tea, snacks, convenience foods including frozen dough, dumplings, khinkali.

The valve label protects perfectly cottage cheese, sausage’ cutting in open factory packaging from weathering, atmospheric impacts, and foreign smell as well as prevents small items from falling out of the packaging, for instance, paper clips, buttons, beads, screws, cotton pads, etc.

The valve label made of self-adhesive polypropylene film allows you to quickly and easily close the package, increasing its viability and eliminating the need for additional clasps or containers. Once opening a package, its upper part is wrapped and fastened by using the adhesive label located on the package. Goods in bags with such convenient clasps are in more demand among buyers than similar products in ordinary packagings.

Green Trade Company provides the valve labels featured by excellent fixing properties remaining for the entire useful life. We offer special rates and fast order management.

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self-adhesive valve label

The valve label is made with partial de-sticking due to which one of its edges is firmly held on the package and the second one can be numerous times peeled off and stuck again. It allows you to open and close the package without losing the clasp.

A self-adhesive valve label makes it possible to increase the protective properties of the package without resorting to re-equipment of production since it simply sticks to the existing package.

  • Main Pros of self-adhesive valve label for bags:
  • Perfect fixing on the surface of the package;
  • Safety of the package contents ensuring;
  • Reusable use;
  • Doesn’t weigh down the weight of a package and damage the packaging material;
  • Progressive and trendy look.

The self-adhesive valve label by Green Trade is made of white or transparent polypropylene. It is possible to apply images to it up to 7 colors.