Imitating kraft paper effect on self-adhesive labels

The Green Trade Company provides printing of self-adhesive labels with a textured surface resembled kraft paper visually and to tactile perception.

Such imitation is achieved through the use of special tactile lacquers which include granular structural additives. Tactile lacquer imitates various textures when applied to self-adhesive papers and films. Moreover, labels printed using this technology even on cheap raw materials look as if they have been made from expensive natural kraft.

The advantages of using of imitating kraft paper effect

  • Labels made using this effect are identical to labels made from natural kraft paper in terms of their visual and tactile properties;
  • Printing implementation option of a variety of design solutions (more info about kraft labels design features is here);
  • Significant decline costs of labels in comparison with similar labels made of kraft material.

Kraft paper labeling increases customer loyalty to the brand and helps to increase consumer interest. Self-adhesive labels with an effect of imitating kraft paper are a great deal with decoration and labeling of various products such as:

  • Beer, cider, ale, kvass;
  • Strong alcoholic beverages such as cognac, brandy, whiskey;
  • White and red wines;
  • Milk and dairy products, cheeses;
  • Sausages and meat products,
  • Honey, propolis, pollen;
  • Craft coffee, tea, healing herbals;
  • Natural cosmetics and handmade soap;
  • Cereals and whole grain cereals, granola, crispbread.

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