Self-adhesive label

Label  is what makes you buy a product for the first time,
everything else depends on the product itself! ©

Quality self-adhesivelabeltoday is one of the key elements that attract the attention of the consumer to the product and distinguish it from competitors.

It is thelabel that makes the product easily recognizable and unique in its own way due to its unusual design, which combines brightness and informativeness.

The creation of such labels is engaged in the company “green trade”. For more than 17 years we have been producingself-adhesive labelsfor a wide range of consumers. Today in our range, labels (self-adhesive) for:

– foodstuff;
– perfumes and household chemicals;
– building materials and household goods;
– wine and spirits industry;
– retail chains, hypermarkets, etc.

self-Adhesive label, abbreviated self-adhesive, can be used for any kind of product, starting with the label, which will be in direct contact with food and ending with the label for construction chemicals.


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Car Detailing products

Household and construction chemicals, varnishes, paints

Wine, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

Sausages and meat products

Canned food

Cosmetics, baby products


ice Cream and confectionery

Cheese and dairy products

Our redesigns

Additional information:

Advantages of self-adhesive label

Among the main advantages of self-adhesive labels should be noted their resistance to external influences:

1. When condensation occurs, the label will not get wet and come off.

2. self-Adhesive label is not overwritten during transportation and packaging, allowing you to maintain an attractive appearance of products.

3. Thanks to the uniform application of glue, the label is firmly held on the package, not “wrinkle” and will not bulge.

In addition, the use of self-adhesive labels can significantly improve the speed of product etiquette…

Printing of self-adhesive labels in our company is carried out on modern printing equipment (“Nilpeter”) using only high quality European consumables.

The fleet of printing and finishing machines is regularly updated , which allows to reduce the time for the production of self-adhesive labels to a minimum and at the same time improve the quality of products.

In the process of manufacturing labels used self-adhesive materials from leading European manufacturers. Among our partners are such companies as: “Avery Dennison”, “UPM Raflatac”, “Manter”, so we can say with confidence that our self-adhesive label meets all European and international quality standards.

The desired shape self-adhesive labels give punching plate (of punching forms), manufactured by exclusive order in Germany. They ensure the production of labels of any geometric shapes and sizes.


To create labels with rich colors, we use analog and digital flexographic printing forms, which transfer the paint to the material in the process of making labels.

Print labels for our production is performed with a special UV inks, which is odorless, unlike the traditional alcohol. This allows you to avoid the penetration of foreign odors from the label directly into the product.

To protect labels from external influences such as condensation, rubbing during transportation, etc., we cover self-adhesive labels with UV varnish or carry out lamination.

Today we can offer our partners the production of labels with all possible printing effects, including:
– eight-color printing;
– relief stamping;
– duplex printing;
– two-level die cut;
– printing of coupon labels;
– cold stamping;
– screen printing;
– hot stamping;
– embossed flexo printing;
– UV varnishing;
– a scratch-off foil;
– perforation;
– holography;
– glossy, matte and soft touch lamination;

as well as:

– hybrid varnish;
– thermochromic paint;
– neon colors;
– glow in the dark screen printing inks;
– UV screen printing inks;
– Soft Touch varnishing;
– Drip-off varnishing;
– Silk foil.

* Since the production of self-adhesive labels is carried out according to international standards, we provide a six-month warranty on our products!

Braille for visually impaired  is available on green TRADE labels

Braille Labels

A new service is available to our customers – printing labels in Braille for the visually impaired.

Braille is used in printing to enable visually impaired people to obtain information from the texts on the labels and packaging of goods. Today, the production of Braille labels is also available at GREEN TRADE.

Braille is applied to labels by screen printing using a special varnish and a grid with a high profile.

the to Order Braille labels you are using order form and putting in the “Special conditions labelling” – “the Required label in Braille”.