Screen printing on self-adhesive labels

Screen printing is a popular technique ensuring the excellent design of labels which is used for printing labels for beer, wine, vodka, food, medicine, household and automotive chemicals, and much more.

Screen-printed images on labels are featured by their rich color, the sharpness of the image, and the relief surface. You can vary the layer of ink depending on what volumetric effect is required. Screen printing allows you to do this function.

screen printing labels

The benefits of screen printing also include:

  • Printing on a wide range of materials, from paper to plastic films;
  • Image resistance to mechanical and chemical effects;
  • Opacity of strokes, fills, and other design elements. This is especially important when printing labels on transparent polypropylene or polyethylene, for example, labels for alcoholic and soft drinks, for perfumery and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, antiseptics, marking, and decorative stickers.

Screen printing is an artistic finishing technique that enhances the appearance of the label, imparts certain tactile properties, and, to some extent, increases the degree of protection. See more.

combined printing screen printing

The combination of screen printing and various types of printing design is often carried out in the labels printing, the so-called combined printing. Such a combined technique allows us to print labels implementing a variety of label design ideas and fully using its advantages.

Screen printing and the design process require a professional and skilled approach. Be sure to get a guaranteed quality result by contacting Green Trade Company. We offer customers to order screen printing on the labels at good prices and fast lead times.